Extraordinary Times require Extraordinary Measures


We are ALL feeling the strain of the current global pandemic that is Covid-19. Cindy & I have been watching in shock as we see numbers of confirmed cases skyrocket around the world and the sheer numbers of people affected. It's breathtaking and we feel almost helpless in what we can do or offer in the way of support.


This morning as we once again saw the personal and economic toll the pandemic has created we thought, what can we do? Well the only thing we can do with the current need to stay away from our friends and lovers is to offer you ITL, for free - no strings attached.


As of today, March 27th 2020 all functions and features of ITL are 100% free of charge. All current subscriptions have been suspended and no future billings will occur. 


We know in the scheme of things this is a drop in the bucket in what the world needs but it's what we have to give. We have also set up a Donate button in the members area and our plan is to look for opportunities to use any money donated in helping those in need.


If you love ITL as much as we do please tell your friends. Over the last 11+ years ITL has been a safe, friendly place to share our lifestyle journeys and we want everyone to have a place to call home and be able to "forget" about what is happening at this time.


Much Love

James & Cindy